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Media accreditation

To follow parliamentary proceedings, journalists who are not members of the Associazione stampa parlamentare (Parliamentary Press Association) may apply to the latter for a temporary access permit by sending a fax to the following number: (+39) 06 6706 3024. Applications should be written on company letterhead and include the following data: first name, family name, professional ID card number.

To follow the events taking place at the Chamber of Deputies, journalists, photographers and radio/TV crews whose media organisations are registered should obtain online accreditation on the Chamber of Deputies' website at:

Media organisations not using the online accreditation service may get accredited through the Chamber of Deputies Press Office; their applications should be written on company letterhead and

- faxed to (+39) 06 6783082 or

- emailed to

Accreditation applications should be made for individual events and include date and venue of the event and ID of the persons seeking accreditation:

- For journalists: first name, family name and professional ID card number;

- For radio/TV crews and photographers: job title, first name, family name, date and place of birth.

Journalists from the Foreign Press Association wishing to follow Chamber of Deputies proceedings may obtain their access badges from the Association secretariat, Via dell'Umiltà 83/C; tel. (+39) 06 675911, fax (+39) 06 67591262.

Press Office

Chamber of Deputies

Tel. (+39) 06 6706 2125/2866



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