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    Plenary Meeting of the LII COSAC (Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union)

    The only inter-parliamentary cooperation framework specifically envisaged by the Treaties, with its own Rules of procedure. It ensures a regular exchange of information, best practices and opinions on Union-related matters between the Committees on Union Affairs of national Parliaments and the European Parliament.

    • Invitation from the Presidents of the Senate of the Republic and of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr Pietro Grasso and Mrs Laura Boldrini
    • Invitation from the Chairpersons of the EU Policies Committees, Mr Vannino Chiti and Mr Michele Bordo
    • General information
    • Draft Agenda Troika Meeting
    • COSAC 22nd Bi-annual Report
    • List of participants
    • Letter by Mr Richárd Hörcsik on behalf of the Visegrad Group
    • Letter from Swiss Federal Assembly
    • Letter from UK
    • Letter from Georgia
    • Letter from German Bundestag
    • List of selected hotel
    • Hotel Adriano - Reservation form
    • Hotel Bernini - Reservation form
    • Hotel Giustiniano - Reservation form
    • Hotel Plaza - Reservation form
    • Hotel Minerva - Reservation form
    • LII COSAC Conclusions
    • LII COSAC Contribution


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