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  • Event

    Meeting of the Secretaries General of the European Union Parliaments

    • Invitation of the Secretaries General of the Chamber of Deputies, Lucia PAGANO, and of the Senate of the Republic, Elisabetta SERAFIN
    • General Information
    • DRAFT IPEX Guidelines
    • Conclusions on IPEX adopted by the Secretaries General
    • Annex 1 to IPEX Annual Report 2014 - IPEX Statistical Report
    • Annex 2 to IPEX Annual Report - Report of the IPEX Users Conference
    • List of participants
    • Presentation by Klaus WELLE, Secretary general of the European Parliament
    • Speech by Mr. Carsten U. LARSEN, Secretary General of the Danish Parliament
    • Presentation by Ms Corinne LUQUIENS, Secretary General of the French National Assembly


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