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    Employment, Research and Innovation

    Meeting in the framework of the inter-parliamentary cooperation activities selected and organised by the Parliament of the member state holding the Presidency of the Council of the Union. The Chairpersons of the relevant committees of EU national parliaments and the European Parliament will exchange views on topical issues within their remit.

    • List of participants
    • Welcome speech by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Laura BOLDRINI
    • Concept note Session I – The European way to stable and high-quality employment
    • Presentation by Alessandro GOGLIO, Advisor, OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs
    • Presentation by Steven TOBIN, Senior Economist at the Research Department at the ILO
    • Concept note Session II – Digital opportunities
    • Presentation by Lorenzo BENUSSI, Member of the Innovation Desk, Presidency of the Council of Ministers; Strategic Advisor at TOP-IX Consortium
    • Presentation by Kumardev CHATTERJEE, President, European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF)
    • Concept note Session III – Research: an engine for growth
    • Presentation by Daniele ARCHIBUGI, Professor, Institute for Research on Population and Social Policies – CNR, Italy
    • Presentation by Maria Chiara CARROZZA, Member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
    • Concept note Session IV – Cities as drivers of innovation
    • Presentation by Flavia MARZANO, President, States-General of Innovation
    • Presentation by Alessandro RINALDI, Unit for Economic Studies, Unioncamere
      • Employment, Research and Innovation - first day
      • Employment, Research and Innovation - second day
      • Employment, Research and Innovation - second day - english version
      • Employment, Research and Innovation - second day - version française


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