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    Agriculture, Industrial Development, and SMEs

    Meeting in the framework of the inter-parliamentary cooperation activities selected and organised by the Parliament of the member State holding the Presidency of the Council of the Union. The Chairpersons of the relevant Committees of the Parliaments of EU member States and of the European Parliament will discuss topical issues within their remit.

    • Invitation from the Presidents of the Senate of the Republic and of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr Pietro Grasso and Mrs Laura Boldrini
    • Invitation from the Chairpersons of the Committees on Agriculture, Industrial Development and SMEs of the Senate of the Republic and of the Chamber of deputies
    • General Information
    • BACKGROUND NOTE - Session I - The European way to quality food: land protection, eco-friendly organic farming and protection of traditional products
    • BACKGROUND NOTE - Session II - The internationalization of SMEs
    • BACKGROUND NOTE - Session III - The Industrial Renaissance and SMEs: how to reach the goal 20% of GDP by 2020?
    • List of selected hotels
    • Grand Hotel de la Minerve - Reservation form
    • Grand Hotel Plaza - Reservation form
    • Hotel Bernini Bristol - Reservation form
    • Hotel Adriano - Reservation form
    • List of partcipants
    • Chairman Formigoni's CV
    • Chairman Sani's CV
    • Min. Martina's CV
    • Chairman Siekierski's CV
    • Mrs Ferrarini's CV
    • Mr Rousseau's CV
    • Mr De Castro's CV
    • Mrs Marti Carrera's CV
    • Vice Chairman Tajani's CV
    • Chairman Mucchetti's CV
    • Vice Minister De Vincenti's CV
    • Mr Coltorti's CV


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